A New Chapter

Well, as a claims maker for social justice issues like criminal justice reform and improving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act I am writing more these days.  This is  key tool for organizing the grassroots effort it will take to confront the massive power behind the Department of Corrections.  It has been said many times that communication is the issue and communication is the solution.  This has been true for me.  Words have set me free.

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to assist with hosting a compassionate communication workshop based on Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.
Having spent time in jail and having pursued recovery from addiction and mental health issues I found this experience to remarkable.  The connection with the students felt authentic.  They were asking practical questions like what to do when it feels like an officer is abusing their authority.  It feels secure and content to be rewarded with this opportunity to pass on the tools I have invested so much time in learning.
I look forward to connecting with deputies and staff as well.  Emotionally intelligent communication such as this dramatically reduces incidents where seclusion or restraint become necessary.  Modeling this behavior is a key tool for reproducing it in the community.
That’s all for tonight.  May you all be well.


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