Oregon joins Multistate Lawsuit to Block 3D-Guns



I want you to understand that I am a democrat. I support the dems on so many issues including a woman’s right to choose and single payer health care but not gun control. Dems have already lost this one. You cannot make it illegal to make our own guns and you know it. You cannot erase all the info on the internet that disseminates the tools and methods necessary to build a gun. Your efforts to stop the publishing of these 3d printing files is useless. You can’t stop it. They will continue to be available no matter what laws you pass. Just like anything else that is easily pirated on the internet the only people that will not be able to download them will be law abiding citizens.
The great divide in America will become wider. The damage done to the first amendment as a result will not be repairable. It will be used as precedent for continued attacks on the rights of the people.
Politically it is self sabotage. We would easily win a large number of seats in the house and the senate if we give up this useless fight against the rights of the american public to own guns. They don’t carry guns or even knives in Britain. That is never going to happen in the U.S.
The vision of this country without guns and without violence is one that we share.  However this fight against 3d printed guns puts the cart before the horse.  At a time when Oregon is 50th in country regarding the number of mental health providers per capita and has a system of public defenders for the indigent that is unequaled in its disdain for freedom, Oregon needs to address the timber in it’s own eye before picking at the splinter in the eye of another.
Let’s say for a moment that they win and they catch somebody publishing 3d printer files on the internet.  They are going to throw him in jail.  They are going to threaten him with a gun and given the smallest excuse they are going to shoot him. This is violence, this is gun violence.  In light of the states refusal to meet their obligation under the 6th amendment to provide counsel for those facing criminal charges this perpetuates slavery of the people to a tyrannical government.  In light of cash bail and things like the utter lack of mental health care this is putting the cart before the horse.  There are no shortcuts.  If we want to progress to a country without guns and violence then these other matters need to be addressed now and not as an afterthought.
We say this is a democracy.  In  a democracy we vote and pass laws and the laws are followed by all.  That is what gives the people the power they need to prevent a government from becoming tyrannical.  Well we did vote and we did pass laws.  The sixth amendment is written into the Constitution of the United States and we now we have a right to counsel when charged with a crime.  This may even be expanded to civil court.  Parity in Health Care is a law in Oregon for mental health to receive equal treatment resources with physical ailments. Inmates in jail are supposed to be provided with paper and pencil to write to friends, loved ones and legal counsel and the are not supposed to be charged money for it but Polk county ignores this law in spite of recent rulings by SCOTUS.  No child left behind is supposed to protect children with special needs from the school to prison pipeline but it is policy for the the special needs budge to be cut first in the Dallas school district.  If an officer has no reason to suspect a person of a crime they are supposed to let them go within 5 or ten minutes after  a traffic stop yet people are detained for much longer periods just because they refuse to admit that right hand turn was illegal.  They are not supposed to come to court and ask the judge to tack on an extra charge without first having served the person with notice to appear yet this request is often granted in Dallas.  Police are not supposed to retaliate against someone for whistle blowing.  If these were isolated incidents I would not have the credibility to object but these things are policy in the State of Oregon.  We passed all these laws and yet they are ignored by the police and state administrators.  This is tyranny.  This tyranny rips families apart.  This tyranny needs to be addressed before asking the public to forego owner ship of weapons powerful enough to oppose the government.
This tyranny is the responsibility of the silent majority.  The state get’s away with these violations because the silent majority says nothing.  Often they do not even know about it. Ignorance is not a defense.  As a member of the middle class you are now in a position of leadership whether you like it or not.  You have  a responsibility to those who came before you and those and those who follow to maintain this democracy.  You have a responsibility to the those who came before because the created and maintained this democracy and this society and this community as fertile soil for you to thrive in.  You must do your part to leave it in better shape for all of our children.  It needs to be part of your monthly routine be aware of the issues that challenge the indigent when attempting to build a system of self support and prevent the tyranny that tears apart that system.   You all need to be writing letters to your representatives to see that these issues are addressed.
more on this later … Watch for a follow up.

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