Letter to the Editor when the Justice Center Burns


I personally will stick to the pen as my weapon of choice but I will not criticize  those who who chose to respond by setting fire inside the justice center.  I find that to be most appropriate considering how many windows the system has broken over the last several decades. The false charges are already handed out in Oregon like candy at halloween. It ripped my family apart. The brutality of it is difficult to express with mere words. If all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail. The plea bargain has replaced due process and the legislature decided brinkmanship was more important than addressing the state’s corrupt public defenders system.. You need to clear these logs before picking at my specks. I will support non-violent protest but I will not criticize those who choose civil disobedience until then.  
After decades of this abuse and the extreme harm done to my family I will not give an inch until the corruption is addressed and the state learns to use tools other than the hammer to solve more problems.
It’s really sad that so many  do not seep my point. It is possible that they are just playing dumb and they know full well that the second amendment was included specifically to protect against tyranny. Indiscriminate abuse of power and punishment for civil disobedience undermine the very heart of the second amendment. I will fight against this surreptitious encroachment tooth and nail. Yesterday the justice center in Portland was burned and not a peep in media about the egregious harm being done by the Oregon Department of Justice for decades.
Many have bled and many more will. It is the cost of liberty. Liberty that has been assaulted unapologetically for several decades with mass incarceration. I find it quite hypocritical to listen to complaints about violence considering the millions of mentally ill warehoused in our jails and prisons.

Why do call me a criminal and turn to such an overbearing reprimand rather than address the points I have made? Because you can’t.

If you are reading this then You have a responsibility. Every time a police officer beats a person or shoots a person, every time a DA files false charges or throws someone in jail instead of a mental hospital, every day that is spent tormenting prisoners instead of rehabilitating them you are responsible. You have not been writing letters or making phone calls. You have been expressing support for public safety, voting for those who run a tough on crime election campaign and in 1996 you voted to make our prisons a place of punishment changing it from an environment (a poor one) of rehab. Having completely failed these children you waited until they were old enough and then threw them in jail and prison, you locked them up. No rehab, no treatment, no dual diagnosis just torment. Now you want to take a shortcut and instead of addressing these issues first you want to put more of them in jail if they dare to pick up a weapon and retaliate the only way they know how because you never taught them Non-communication or Collaborative problem solving in school. Instead you threw them into middle school without any reasonable amount of facilitation and called it socialization. I am no longer surprised and shocked and horrified to see a 65 year old female judge strike out at an innocent defendant with an intent that approaches murderous in it’s effect. Now you want to take a shortcut and throw the protesters in jail. Because when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

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