A New Chapter

Well, as a claims maker for social justice issues like criminal justice reform and improving compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act I am writing more these days.  This is  key tool for organizing the grassroots effort it will take to confront the massive power behind the Department of Corrections.  It has been said many times that communication is the issue and communication is the solution.  This has been true for me.  Words have set me free.

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to assist with hosting a compassionate communication workshop based on Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.
Having spent time in jail and having pursued recovery from addiction and mental health issues I found this experience to remarkable.  The connection with the students felt authentic.  They were asking practical questions like what to do when it feels like an officer is abusing their authority.  It feels secure and content to be rewarded with this opportunity to pass on the tools I have invested so much time in learning.
I look forward to connecting with deputies and staff as well.  Emotionally intelligent communication such as this dramatically reduces incidents where seclusion or restraint become necessary.  Modeling this behavior is a key tool for reproducing it in the community.
That’s all for tonight.  May you all be well.


Merry Christmas to my NVC Family

I have known for some time that I have several personality traits that put me on the ASD spectrum for autism.Just keep that in mind as you read the rest of this email.

I live in a building of public housing where supportive staff members are provided.  I opened my door yesterday and discovered a stocking on the floor leaning against the door jamb.  There was some candy, some marginally useful items and some stuff that could only be called junk.  In the past I have been caught up in the irritation that someone sent me useless items and junk food when they know I am so cash poor.  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit this but it is true.  

Anyway, In my mind I pictured the person smiling and feeling good just as I would, as they buy this stuff.  Just now I caught myself smiling as that feel-good moment came back to me.  The warm glow of gratitude and  compersion is enough to push all anxiety and worry into the remote shadows of my mind for the time being.

The value of the stuff in the stocking seems like such a small part of the experience this time.  I suppose one of my  ruff edges just became a little smoother.  

I want to thank all of you for your patience and tolerance as I slowly learn to place more value on what is really important.  I have lived in this building for over a year now. I have never felt this emotionally safe and comfortable.  I am certain that this is a significant part of why I am able to grow like this.

Peace and best wishes

New loophole for systemic corruption


Guns for sale at a Portland gun show.

3 days is long enough.  You are not closing  a loophole. You are opening a new one for the authoritarian state to use to deny the people their rights.

I voted for Bernie,  I am a democrat, I do not own a gun nor am I an enthusiast.  I have been begging and pleading for accountability in order to address corruption and systemic racism in Oregon.  You still don’t seem to hear me.
You need to hold the state police accountable and provide the resources necessary to perform the background checks in the allotted time.  Passing the buck to the public is the opposite of accountability.

I don’t think you can override the federal 3-day provision legally but you are Choosing to do so anyway.  This is another example of the corruption in Oregon.  Your Us vs Them mentality has gotten in the way of your ability to see gun owners as one of US.

I grew up on a farm with guns in West Salem.  The second amendment is there for a very good reason.  I am willing to consider tighter restrictions but you all need to address the corruption in Oregon first.  Things like fiscal compensation for those who have been falsely convicted and ending qualified immunity for police.  More accountability for DAs needs to be built to the new code for OPDS.

I choose the power of the word over the gun because the pen is more mighty than the sword.  I also count the protesters who risk much as they start fires and break windows as my allies.You have had this black eye coming for decades.  If you want me to believe you have heard us then you need to prove it.

Victor Reppeto

Salem, Or


The Pen is More Mighty Than the Sword….But

Some people complain about the violence perpetrated by some of the protesters. I don’t I count them as allies. I’m more concerned about the silent majority. They sit quietly, refusing to write a letter to the OPDS commission even when asked to do so in objection to the corrupt practices of the OJD and the judicial branch of Oregon government.
​The pen is more Mighty than the sword​,​ but the sword is nothing to scoff at. ​H​owever, there is good reason to cling to the p​e​n ​a​s the weapon of choice. We can learn this lesson the hard way. there are plenty of us ready to go at a moment’s notice and start the Bugaboo.​  But it’s easier to learn from other people’s mistakes than our own. Iraq recently emerged from a civil war​. ​​I would prefer to watch a Frontline documentary and learn from their mistakes. the children they have lost, the dead they have buried. Maybe you would too. Here is the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2L4jcVqo8s

— Communication is the problem and the solution

When an offer of empathy becomes a crime.

This is a coversation that took place on Facebook. There was a photo of three college students. One was a young man with a tshirt that said f*** Black Lives. The other two were holding a sign that said F*** Chris and there was an arrow painted that pointed to the first person. It seemed like a shock jock joke at first like something off of the Howard Sterns show. I laughed. The longer I looked the the more i saw. These kids were not poor. They were manicured. The trash on the lawn was sparse. The lawn and the shrubs were manicured. The building in the background was a college dorm. These three people were friends.

I had just watched the movie Burden with Forest Whitaker. Still taken by the urge to connect with the white supremacist (kumbaya) I tried to interject some sanity into the following conversation. It backfired so bad. This happens. It will take practice to break ice when it is this thick. I don’t always feel like it. some days I just want to see the cops and prayer boys bleed. I try to remember that the pen is more mighty than the sword. Most days it works.

Here is what happened …..

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor
  • Kyle Durkee Yeah! Fuck Chris… and whoever that douchebag in the trailer trash shirt is! I’m assuming that’s Chris, but I’m leaving the door open for other options!4Hide or report this
  • Lacie Wood *don’t* fuck Chris. 😉😂😂23Hide or report this
    • Bee Deck Lacie Wood exactly hahhaha2Hide or report this
    • Bre Webb I legit thought this post was about sex at first and he’s got a fetish she’s being supportive of D:
      Omg tired brain2Hide or report this
  • Amanda Elaine Buchelt I’m sad to see this but not surprised since there were Qanon folks there all the time.Hide or report this
  • Painted Darling Chris is foul. That darigold chocolate milk tho. dank5Hide or report this
  • Jason Loyal Ventura His account is Chris Heckler Bean2Hide or report this
    • Kyle Durkee That is such an amazing name I can’t even begin to take it seriously… that’s like such an amazing troll name…1Hide or report this
    • Jason Loyal Ventura I don’t know the whole story, or him at all but another friend posted this photo and tagged himHide or report this
  • Jessica Jasso Him sweatily using his shitty permanent marker to write this out the night prior: “yeh that’ll show em.”4Hide or report this
  • Victoria Moore My 😂 react is for the “fuck Chris” sign. 😂1Hide or report this
  • Jessica Jones At least he’s honest? Better than crying some all lives matter bs. Btw, Don’t fuck Chris, he doesn’t deserve it.1Hide or report this
  • Mustin Douch Harvest Fresh Grocery & Deli Is this your employee supporting blatant racism? Harvest Fresh Grocery & Deli1Hide or report this
  • Victor Reppeto I understand his frustration completely. At least I think I do. I am poor and I have accrued far more traffic tickets than most poc. The system has take everything from me instead of supporting me in my recovery from a truly dysfunctional family and addiction and rage and PTSD. If black people would just vote we would not have trump in the whitehouse. But there is a flaw in that argument. If I put aside my own pain and take this opportunity to bond and fight for what we have in common then my own concerns will be addressed as well. That is a very simplistic in a nutshell explanation. I do not feel any real evil coming from this guy since his friends are standing there with that sign. Made me laugh. Thiank you! I needed that!4Edit or delete this
    • Shelaswau Bushnell Crier Black people did not put 45 in the White House. You might want to have a conversation with the white women and white men who voted for him.6Hide or report this
    • Sarah L Kester Victor Reppeto wow. If black people would vote. Okay. Well what about states that have 6 polling places for the whole state? And one in predominately black areas where it takes 8-14 hours to vote.

      Let’s work on voter suppression before we talk about how black people don’t vote.6Hide or report this
    • Ariel Knox I’m sorry, did someone actually just try to argue that because they’ve gotten a lot of traffic tickets they are justifying “Fuck Black Lives”?

      GTFO of here. …See More7Hide or report this
    • Victor Reppeto Shelaswau Bushnell Crier That’s not what the president of the NAACP said on zoom during the poor peoples revival! He said we won the popular vote. We did not need that many more to to tip the electoral college our way. He said the enormous number of…See MoreEdit or delete this
    • Victor Reppeto Sarah L Kester You are absolutely right. That is a big deal. We need to be vigilant. Freedom is not free. We have to work for it. I share Mr. Brooks frustration in turn with the white people of my community. I listened to some of the most liberal…See MoreEdit or delete this
    • Victor Reppeto Ariel Knox If that is the best argument you have then I am embarrassed for you. I have a lot of tickets because I grew up poor and because I am on the spectrum and because I have coped with severe PTSD since I was four. Out of six children five of us…See MoreEdit or delete this
    • Ariel Knox Victor Reppeto nah, we’re definitely not on the same side. Don’t lump me in with you. Thanks.1Hide or report this
    • Victor Reppeto Ariel Knox Refer to the argument, not the person. You were mistaken the first time and this is the second.Edit or delete this
    • Ariel Knox Either you’re pretending to be obtuse or I’m wasting my time.

      Allow me to be crystal clear here, then, you do you, boo.

      You said: “I understand his frustration completely” in regards to someone writing & wearing a “Fuck Black Lives” shirt. That’s some seriously deranged thinking.

      Then you obsfucate by using the qualifier “at least I think I do” – stand by your words or hit back space, bro.

      “I am poor” – as if that makes racism a-ok.

      “and I have accrued far more traffic tickets than most poc.” What is this even supposed to mean? The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t have anything to do with traffic citations. The protests aren’t against radar guns, it’s against GUNS AND MURDER at the hands of police.

      “The system has take everything from me” – except YOUR LIFE. Get it yet?


      “instead of supporting me in my recovery from a truly dysfunctoinal family and addiction and rage and PTSD.” Your point?

      “If black people would” – anything after that is garbage “All Lives Matter” whataboutism. You may as well have starting spouting off “blacks kill more blacks” nonsense.

      “just vote we would not have trump in the whitehouse” way to put all the blame on the oppressed minority while sitting there wrapped in your white privilege ignoring all the white folx who voted for Trump & McConnell & King & Scott & all the other crappy ass politicians in power.

      “But there is a flaw in that argument. If I put aside my own pain and take this opportunity to bond and fight for what we have in common then my on concerns will be addressed as well. That is a very simpiistic in a nutshell explanation.” Can I get Ranch Dressing with your next word salad?

      “I do not feel any real evil coming from this guy” – super cool. His sign isn’t directed at you, buddy and you’re in no position to be the deciding vote on how racist is too racist.

      “Made me laugh. Thank you! I needed that!” har har, racism are funnsies.

      No, we do not agree. I have no interest in further debate on this. Move on.2Hide or report this
    • Victor Reppeto “You said: “I understand his frustration completely” in regards to someone writing & wearing a “Fuck Black Lives” shirt. That’s some seriously deranged thinking.” That’s called empathy, taking the time to put some thought into what someone else might be thinking and feeling and what needs they might be trying to meet by doing something so socking. It seems so obvious to me he is practically screaming “Hey everybody! I’m poor too, effing cops love throwing me in jai! Where’s all the love for me?” that’s what happens when you go to hundreds of hours of parenting classes and communication workshops and practice groups. Some of it starts to stick. You can ask Shelaswau Bushnell Crier about that second remark. Maybe you will listen to her.1Edit or delete this
    • Victor Reppeto “I am poor” – as if that makes racism a-ok.” No I said I understand, I did not say that makes it okay. But udnerstanding makes it easier for me to stay calm and for him be disarmed long enough to listen.
      “and I have accrued far more traffic tickets than most poc.” What is this even supposed to mean? The Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t have anything to do with traffic citations. “
      yes actually it does. You have not been listening.

      The protests aren’t against radar guns, it’s against GUNS AND MURDER at the hands of police” It starts in the class room and then it is radar guns and then it is fists and batons and then it is guns. ” White privilege means I get to decide when I am a rigtht and the poc are wrong.

      “The system has take everything from me” – except YOUR LIFE. Get it yet?
      No? Yes, actaully they did take my life. My children were my lifer. I was a mom dum dum. Death would have been more kind.
      “instead of supporting me in my recovery from a truly dysfunctional family and addiction and rage and PTSD.” Your point? You need to ask some one you will believe when they answer you. . All the mature people reading this already understand my point.

      “If black people would” – anything after that is garbage “All Lives Matter” whataboutism. You may as well have starting spouting off “blacks kill more blacks” nonsense. You realize those were the words of the president of the NAACP just a couple of weeks ago, not mine?
      “just vote we would not have trump in the whitehouse” way to put all the blame on the oppressed minority .” You are chrry picking again. What did the next sentence say?

      while sitting there wrapped in your white privilege ignoring all the white folx who voted for Trump & McConnell & King & Scott & all the other crappy ass politicians in power.” Ignoring them? Those people put me in jail for defying them.

      “But there is a flaw in that argument. If I put aside my own pain and take this opportunity to bond and fight for what we have in common then my on concerns will be addressed as well. That is a very simplisitic in a nutshell explanation.” Can I get Ranch Dressing with your next word salad? ” I do not understand your remark on this one. I think you are saying you dont understand my argument and you think a personal insult will ipress your friends since you can’t come up with a real objections.
      “I do not feel any real evil coming from this guy” – super cool. His sign isn’t directed at you, buddy and you’re in no position to be the deciding vote on how racist is too racist.” Thats a big stick you be shakin’ . Sounds like zero tolerance and you are proud of it. But isn’t that what we are fighting against?

      “Made me laugh. Thiank you! I needed that!” har har, racism are funnsies. ” I see in that picture three friends who got together and published a thought provoking photo with no hate for each other or for black people. all the hate in this conversation is coming from you.

      No, we do not agree. I have no interest in further debate on this. Move on. ” I hope you mean it. i hope you are done because I am. If you have more questions go talk to your sponsor.Edit or delete this
    • Adrien Lockhart Victor Reppeto don’t use being on the spectrum for your racist bullshit coming out of your mouth. Don’t try to get a Black woman to speak for you. If you can’t show that you’re not racist on your own, you are racist. You still don’t get why what you said is wrong. Nothing you went through was because of the color of your skin. None of it. Throughout it all you were still lucky because you got a ticket instead of a bullet to the head. You have no idea how many traffic tickets most POCs get and it doesn’t matter. You got it because you were either doing something wrong or you were driving a shit car and got pulled over. Not because of the color of your skin. You’re just way wrong. It’s best to stop talking and start listening.2Hide or report this
    • Victor Reppeto Adrien Lockhart Nope. Too late I’m done coaching angry adolescent for today. Maybe Fridy. I am taking tomorrow off.Edit or delete this
  • Victor Reppeto Racism is murderously difficult to fight because it is buried so deeply in our culture. We have to inspect and deconstruct everything n order to find the roots. Privilege is a good word, it points us the right direction. The privilege of authority is so ingrained in our societal psyche that black and white alike will jump to the defense of an abusive employer. The thin blue line is everywhere I look in one form or another. I was truly shocked how cruel women could be toward a man in the role of home maker and primary care provider of three children.Edit or delete this
  • Victor Reppeto Do you wonder why I can so calmly respond to such vapid language? Because 30 years ago that was me. Now it is my turn to coach and educate and meet the needs of those who will be ostracised. They are female so they will not be shunned like me but still, it will hurt. It is the responsibility of those mature in recovery to be understanding and patient. Especially when that is what we ask of the courts and school administrators and teachers and parents and aunts and uncles and white people and black people. Many of us have every reason to want our pound of flesh but if our children are to inherit a more perfect community then we must forgo temptation to lash out and instead model compassion and empathy. If I can do it (most of the time) then.most anybody can with a little help from their friends.

The crisis that is homelessness in Salem Oregon

Well, it looked like it was going to be a winning day. I was supposed to take Jo to DMV, but I was about 5 minutes late & he was not at the agreed meeting place, by the time I got there. It was some stupid thing, like I forgot the meetup time was 7:45am & was thinking my leave time was 7:45am. The point is, people who have been living on the streets, for long, no longer have any reason to believe someone is going to keep their word, so even a 5 minute lateness is a breach of a promise.

But then, the most amazing thing happened & one of our gals under the overpass warmed up to me over a pack of cigarettes. I did not know this kind of gift is the kind of gift that often causes abused people to understand you care about them, but it seems to have something to do with understanding how much they want something, even though you don’t want them to want it, but you give it to them anyway, that seems to trigger that response. I’ve had it happen before. But this gal is really closed off to the rest of the world. I mean like people just want to know her name. She mentioned coffee, so I said I could get some coffee & the next thing I know, she’s in my car & we’re happily driving to McDonalds for a caramel frappé, then to Carl’s Jr for a sausage, egg… & OMG! I forgot about the boycott. I apologize to BLM. I was caught up in the moment & those sausage, egg & cheese biscuits are so tasty.

So we get back to UGM & there is a man there, who cannot walk well enough to take care of business, so I find out his SSDI has been suspended, he doesn’t know if he has OHP & he is sure he doesn’t have food stamps, so we make a call to SSA & get the SSDI reinstated, then Disability & Aging Resource Connection to check for OHP & food stamps & get a pending appointment. I contacted another source & got a link for Lifeline – Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (OTAP) & made plans to get a DMV appointment to get ID replaced. We shopped at the UGM Store for clean clothing & went back to UGM, where I received an urgent call from another acquaintance, who said he was ready to get into Bridgeway, Buckley House or whatever, so I excused myself, saying I’d be back later & took off.

So the Previously desperate person (of the phone call) had quelled his withdrawal symptoms by obtaining 2 large beers & chit chat was back on the table. I tried to put some options on the table, but knowing I have no control whatsoever over the outcome, I quietly went on to the next thing, which was getting mail for people who couldn’t get to Arches & delivering it. I did manage to obtain the expected food stamp & debit cards, for someone in the hospital, but also, learned my really adorable & disabled friend who’d been bounced from downtown to Wallace Marine Park, suffered lost or stolen cards, wagon, supplies, had been in the hospital for hip surgery, after a bicycle accident, dumped Back on the street by the hospital, lost 10 pounds (he couldn’t have weighed > 80, last time I saw him, not even a week earlier) & been rushed back to the hospital, without much chance of survival. I’m sitting there, with my car window down, in shock, explaining that I just recieved a link, to file a complaint about Salem Hospital patient dumping, but obviously that action is too late for this person. I know I don’t have time to do everything that isn’t on someone’s radar, but this feels tragic. “If only,” keeps ringing in my head, like the peal of church bells at a national tragedy. Well, except in the case of George Floyd. I guess that was such a common national tragedy & embarrassment, someone was standing at the rim of the bell, to silence it.

So I carry on anyway, & get the mail delivered, heeding a second emergency call for anti-toothache gel & the previously requested reading glasses of different strengths, because we can’t figure out why the last ones squish everything into a Corona virus design. That seems to go well, except that I can’t figure out how to get to the right location, to waive to this genuinely precious soul, because I’m in a hurry to get back to the DMV appointment making & free phone assistance, but I do break lose (with anxiety & a yearning to have a magic wand) & get back to the place, where I left the first man, this morning. Oh, & I just happened to have a walker, with a seat, which only needed 1 part, which NW Hub provided, for the man who couldn’t walk, but when I got back there, I saw an ambulance, then a fire truck. I sat on a 5 gallon bucket (purchased to make a portapotty for someone) typing on my iPad & iPhone to get a hotspot internet connection, but that was too slow, so I decided to simply squint at the phone & all the while, this creepy feeling that the ambulance was there for my guy, kept growing. I started talking around, to,locate him & sure enough, the ambulance was there for him. He was incoherent. I picked up the walker to store it, left my name & phone number, in case his other things needed to be picked up & went to my car. My very good day was going to Hell.

I threw in the towel & headed to Cascades Gateway Park, to fulfill a promise to friend L, who needs help filling out a complaint form about excessive use of force by the Salem City Police. (I witnessed the bruises myself; yet another forced eviction from Salem hospital for having suicidal ideation). I can’t find her, but I find at least 1 of the people, in need, she texted to me about, this morning, & start a dialogue about General Assistance in Oregon, which no one had told this guy about, so I go through all the things available on a phone (applying for GA, getting appointment with DMV, etc.) & decide the most important thing we can accomplish in the time allowed (for today) was to find his medications, because he is suffering from congestive heart failure & is likely to die within another day or 2, if he doesn’t find them. At the same time I find the person our guy in the hospital is trying to reach, but he’s trying to help the guy trying to stay OUT of the hospital 1st & so it goes …

I try to find the couple both friend L & the Salem Park Department alerted me to, (not your traditional unsheltered folk, scared & desperate, unsuitable for street life) a couple with their 18 year old disabled child … I cannot find them. I cannot find the person I visit every night at about 7pm. I cannot do 1 more thing. I go home. I appeal to you to let Gov. Brown & Mayor Bennett know, in no uncertain terms, it does not have to be this way. We do not need to persecute the poor, the disabled, people of different races or different beliefs. We need to stand together, as a community, where, as my mother would say, “It takes all kinds to make a world.” Gawd bless you Mom. I love you & you will forever be in my heart & mind & soul. And I am ever so much better for it.

And to all a good night. (Except for the unsheltered, because we know it’s going to be a shite night for them). Oh, well.

Written by Jean H.

Letter to the Editor when the Justice Center Burns


I personally will stick to the pen as my weapon of choice but I will not criticize  those who who chose to respond by setting fire inside the justice center.  I find that to be most appropriate considering how many windows the system has broken over the last several decades. The false charges are already handed out in Oregon like candy at halloween. It ripped my family apart. The brutality of it is difficult to express with mere words. If all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail. The plea bargain has replaced due process and the legislature decided brinkmanship was more important than addressing the state’s corrupt public defenders system.. You need to clear these logs before picking at my specks. I will support non-violent protest but I will not criticize those who choose civil disobedience until then.  
After decades of this abuse and the extreme harm done to my family I will not give an inch until the corruption is addressed and the state learns to use tools other than the hammer to solve more problems.
It’s really sad that so many  do not seep my point. It is possible that they are just playing dumb and they know full well that the second amendment was included specifically to protect against tyranny. Indiscriminate abuse of power and punishment for civil disobedience undermine the very heart of the second amendment. I will fight against this surreptitious encroachment tooth and nail. Yesterday the justice center in Portland was burned and not a peep in media about the egregious harm being done by the Oregon Department of Justice for decades.
Many have bled and many more will. It is the cost of liberty. Liberty that has been assaulted unapologetically for several decades with mass incarceration. I find it quite hypocritical to listen to complaints about violence considering the millions of mentally ill warehoused in our jails and prisons.

Why do call me a criminal and turn to such an overbearing reprimand rather than address the points I have made? Because you can’t.

If you are reading this then You have a responsibility. Every time a police officer beats a person or shoots a person, every time a DA files false charges or throws someone in jail instead of a mental hospital, every day that is spent tormenting prisoners instead of rehabilitating them you are responsible. You have not been writing letters or making phone calls. You have been expressing support for public safety, voting for those who run a tough on crime election campaign and in 1996 you voted to make our prisons a place of punishment changing it from an environment (a poor one) of rehab. Having completely failed these children you waited until they were old enough and then threw them in jail and prison, you locked them up. No rehab, no treatment, no dual diagnosis just torment. Now you want to take a shortcut and instead of addressing these issues first you want to put more of them in jail if they dare to pick up a weapon and retaliate the only way they know how because you never taught them Non-communication or Collaborative problem solving in school. Instead you threw them into middle school without any reasonable amount of facilitation and called it socialization. I am no longer surprised and shocked and horrified to see a 65 year old female judge strike out at an innocent defendant with an intent that approaches murderous in it’s effect. Now you want to take a shortcut and throw the protesters in jail. Because when all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.




It makes me very angry to see the kind of corruption that allows a member of law enforcement to get away with murder. Him and his nephew should have gone to jail a long time ago. They should be held more accountable for such a crime, not less.

But putting that aside for a moment I would like to speak to the mores and norms that lead to such corruption. No right is absolute in the U.S. It seems that the law is only upheld when there is a willingness by law enforcement to enforce a particular law. That willingness seems to dissipate when public support does not exist. That is not true in this case. The law was not enforced in spite of overwhelming public support for action.

Punishing people for being poor does not have support from a majority of the population but it happens anyway. Police officers simply do what they are told by a corrupt minority of the population. The tendency for a given person to simply do what they are told by an authority figure has been scientifically evaluated by the Milgram experiments and the Stanford Prison experiment. I don’t care. When police officers refuse to enforce the law they should be held accountable. When they abuse the laws in a deliberate effort to retaliate against an individual they should be held accountable.

However, we bear responsibility for the actions of these officers as well. We need to have this conversation out loud. We need to bring this conversation into the light and out of the realm of the unspoken mores and norms. These traits of being human need to be addressed and confronted head on instead of as an after thought.

Censorship is the bastion of the fear

My remarks on this facebook group have received threats to delete them and have my privilege to post revoked in the past.  This time they stopped just short of such threats and asked me to delete my own remarks instead.

So, I just deleted my post about Jackie Leung running for State Representative.

I think the reasons for my deletion matter, as an aspect of transparency, as admitting an error, and as food for thought about the Homeless Coalition’s desired position for the future.

Even with the disclaimer that I was sharing my own views and experiences, and NOT speaking on behalf of the Homeless Coalition, it’s easy for that distinction to be missed, and sharing that flavor of information 

  • Kathleen Thorpe I’m voting for her regardless… 🙂
  • Victor Reppeto I am disappointed. I thought advocating for Leung was wholly appropriate since she is more likely to help us seek healthy solutions for the homeless. Recommendation of candidates may not be specifically recommended but neither is it prohibited. I value liberty tremendously. I would like to see freedom of expression get more cred on this forum. This bent toward censorship is concerning.
    • Lynelle Wilcox For the record, i deleted the post on my own volition.

      Advocating on homeless *issues* seems appropriate here, yet even in that, some advocates may differ about *how* to advocate effectively.

      Similar to my history with disability advocacy, where some disability advocates prefer a collaborative style, and others prefer a radical style, and others differ about where the line might be to shift from collaborative to a radical style or back again. Some style preferences are based on philosophy; other preferences are often based on individuals’ predictions about what approach may be more effective at any given time. Similar differences are echoed in homeless advocacy discussions sometimes – here and elsewhere. And some of those discussions end up being ineffective loops and “more than” what this page is for.

      Advocating here for any particular *candidate* would understandably first require a discussion and decision by the Homeless Coalition about whether they want to officially or even unofficially “endorse” any candidates, either outright, or even by implication.

      Since that conversation has not happened, my advocacy here for a candidate is premature and inappropriate.

      (If I had stuck only with facts, then I believe that would be acceptable educational sharing. Yet I definitely went further than that. That’s my bad, on me; not reflective of overbearing censorship.)

      Careylynn Miller Patterson deleted her own comment here before I could get it copied to this forum.
      It something about “arguing is bad.”  As well as affirming L Wilcox choice to delete her rcommendation for J Leung.
    • Victor Reppeto Careylynn Miller Patterson It is very confusing trying to figure out what it is okay to say what it is not okay to say on this forum. From an academic perspective debate is one of the most powerful tools we have for effective policy development. I refer to
      a book called Joining Together 1th edition. That is what this group does. Discuss the options and decide which of them we want to put resources into. At least that used to be true. Debate is healthy when it is done right. No name calling, everyone has right to be heard, no telling anyone to shut up. Limit negative feedback to the proposal or idea and do not direct it at the person. Switch places and argue for the other side. It is very important to pursue emotional self regulation i order to be able to do this. I always thought this was part of growing up but it just is not part of the culture in Oregon. Even legislators cannot do it and it is their job, Once again the legislature is at a standstill.
    • Careylynn Miller Patterson Victor Reppeto agreed, but this is a private group, so we don’t have that luxury.
      They are fair, and work really hard.
      I understand your confusion.
      Let’s delete since we are both on the groups page. ✌️

I Support Recover Oregon on Most of Their Priorities

Oregon Recovers
The issues Oregon Recovers and I agree on are numerous.  One thing is more funding for treatment and services. Another is the necessity of stepping up our game when it comes to communication.  We have to be able to debate the issues without getting angry. Active listening is important including reflecting out loud what we heard and affirmation of the other party’s concerns.  In order to bridge the gap between our movement and undecided voters we have to make sure building relationships is just as much of a priority as advocating for the cause.  A third item is challenging white privilege because the discrimination against people of color and the poor working class is wrong and partnering with these other movements is critical to developing compassion and empathy as a society.
We disagree when it comes to blue laws. If one man is having a conversation with another and one offers to have the other’s sexual needs serviced by his 15 year old daughter for money I’m going to walk over there and I’m going to say “Not happening! If I find out you guys actually went through with this there’s going to be hell to pay!” and I am going to make sure they see the gun hanging underneath my right arm when I say it. This is what we are doing each time we intervene in another’s business and back it up with legislation.
But if those two men are consenting adults and the agreement is to receive a couple of pints of hard alcohol at his home by the other party for an agreed upon fee then a similar intervention is no longer called for.  Such an intervention no longer stands for what is right and just but is now an act of tyranny and oppression.
We each have a tool kit at our disposal for addressing social issues.  This particular tool represents a hammer in the tool kit.  Sometimes it is the right tool.  However, before we turn to the use of this tool we need to exhaust all the other possibilities.  A meter for testing and a soldering iron for repair represent such tools as peer support, treatment, education, low barrier housing and supported employment.  These tools have been neglected in Oregon for decades and in spite of that, leadership makes excuses why it is okay to turn to the hammer for relief instead of other strategies.
Blue laws like this one do not challenge the stigma that creates persecution of suds victims it represents  promotion of that same attitude.  It represents a callousness that officers use to excuse the use of excessive force and that forces an alcoholic to choose between going to bed and driving to the liquor store at 1 am.  This is a callousness that does not prioritize our important relationships with the business owners that will be a funding source for the programs that we promote and if someone as bad as trump can get elected then those relationships have been sorely neglected.
I have spent a fair amount of time talking to the angry, high school educated trump supporters.  These blue laws and similar issues like the 2nd amendment and persecution of prostitutes and johns are important items on the list of things that anger them.  As a volunteer for Recovery Oregon I would like to stay out of these areas of dispute and concentrate on bipartisan support for the things we agree on.
We need their support.  Oregon may be a blue state but if you look at a map the red area covers a much larger number of square miles.  My point is there are a lot of republicans here and funding recovery is a bipartisan issue. If it is something the two parties cannot agree on then it is not appropriate for Recovery Oregon to be advocating for it. Don’t misunderstand me. I am voting for Sanders.  I just know that we have to build better relationships with people we disagree with in order to create a world that is safer for my children.  Safer from drunk drivers and safer from corruption and tyranny.